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Shows, Concerts & Events

We have over 20 years' experience filming shows, concerts and other events - ranging from filming Awards Ceremonies at The Dorchester, Park Lane, through to local Dance School and Performing Arts company performances.


Our principal Colin Steed has been in the business for too many years than he cares to remember. "I have produced and directed all kinds of shows and concerts, from writing, producing and directing many musicals and concerts. It's in the blood and I just love the whole atmosphere of being involved."


With White Dove Videos, Colin brings all his expert knowledge to filming events and loves nothing more than immersing himself in the whole experience.


"I just don't just turn up and film 'a show'. To get the best film experience, I get involved with the organisers and attend rehearsals, dress rehearsals and get to know the organisers. It's so important to produce a film record of the event that the organisers and performers will be delighted with."


Colin is all too aware that for smaller companies, budget is all important and is keen to put something back to help. "Most performing arts companies, especially the smaller ones, do not have much budget to get their performances filmed to a broadcast quality standard. I can help - and I am always open to discussing different ways to get your production filmed at a low cost whilst not cutting corners on quality.


Give Colin a call (0787 602 4616) or use the Contact Form to discuss how we can help you get the best video of your performance all your hard work and effort deserve.

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