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What we film

Here is a list of items of the day which we film.


Bride Preparation (Gold only)

We arrive at the bride’s house two and a half hours before the ceremony to capture short sequences of the party being made up and preparing for the big day. We like to get shots of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses as well as capturing some video messages. If preferred, we can film the groom and his party preparing instead of the bride.


The Arrivals

We arrive an hour and a half before the ceremony to set up the cameras and wireless microphones to check the light and sound. We then film the set up shots of the venue. We then film the groom, best man and ushers and get some comments from them. We film the guests arriving, both outside and inside the venue, including the groom nervously awaiting his bride as the time gets nearer.


The Ceremony

We then film the entire ceremony from the entance of the bride through to the newly-married couple leaving the venue. We film the celebrations outside, including the congratulations and, if used, the 'throwing the confetti' sequence. If the official photo shoot is held at the venue, we stand back and let the photographer do their work, but we let the cameras roll so that we capture the posed shots as well as the informal often missed shots.


The Reception

We are ready to film the newlyweds arriving in their car, the photo shoot, and all the guests having pre-wedding breakfast drinks. We also film shots of the reception venue inside and out, including the beautifully decorated room where the wedding breakfast will take place. Next is the Receiving Line, where the bride and groom greet their guests. Normally, although we capture the entire sequence, we will probably only use selected parts on the finished DVD depending on the length of the line. During this time, if applicable, we will capture some video messages from guests and parents of the bride and groom.


The Wedding Breakfast

We film the grand entrance of the bride and groom into the room and a small amount of the guests at their tables. We capture short clips of each table. When the breakfast is served we stop filming and take a well-earned break.


The Speeches

We film the entire speeches to capture every emotion, every tear and all the laughter. Our unobtrusive wireless microphones capture every word. After the speeches, we then film the Cutting of the Wedding Cake ceremony.


Evening Reception

During the time between the end of the wedding breakfast and the start of the evening reception, we spend time collecting assorted video messages (if applicable) and filming the arrival of the evening guests. We then film the First Dance and continue filming the dancing for the rest of the time that’s available to us.



HD Wedding Video Bucks

Wedding Highlights

This sequence is the part that you, your parents and friends will want to watch over an over again. It’s a 4 minute highlight video sequence containing the best of the best bits of your Wedding set to a song/music of your choice. We usually recommend the same music as your First Dance song – but as always, the choice is yours. We load this sequence on our website so that everyone can see the Wedding Highlights and we also provide it as a file that can be downloaded to your laptop, mobile and tablet.


Video Messages (Gold only)

We capture messages from parents of the bride and groom, the best man, bridesmaids and other guests selected by you. These short video sequences have proved to be one of the highlights of the completed DVDs and are often emotional, heart-felt and hilarious (especially from the best man, ushers and bridesmaids).


Your DVDs

Your completed DVD contains expertly edited footage of the entire day and the length depends on the package selected.


For the Gold Package, it is normally 3 DVDs (about 2 and a half hours). For the Silver it is normally 2 DVDs (1-2 hours). For the Bronze package is normally 1 DVD (1 hour).


Each DVD contains professionally crafted menus offering a Play All and Scene Selection choices. The Bride and Groom  receive a luxury professional double DVD presentation case.


Each package offers different DVD presentation cases: 3 luxury presentation cases (Gold); 1 luxury presentation case plus 2 standard presentation cases (Silver and Bronze). You can, of course, upgrade these – it is your choice.



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